The First Comprehensive Book Written to Help Parents Deal with Adolescents in Crisis

Learn what you can do now and in the future.  Detailed information about behavioral and mental health problems as well as therapy approaches, medications, schools, boot camps, wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, treatment, police, 911, hospitals, costs, effectiveness, consumer protection information and more...

Michael Conner, PsyD

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The First Comprehensive Computerized Screening System  Designed for Use with Dr. Conner's Book

"...There is a growing public demand for on-line services to meet the needs of those who struggle with various human problems.  InCrisis is exemplary in providing a service that is both highly specific and useful to the general public.  Families facing problems with adolescent behavior need support in choosing where to turn for help. InCrisis provides that support."

Michaele Dunlap, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist
President, Mentor Research Institute

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