What Is Confidentiality

Revised:  February 21, 2007

By:  Mentor Research Institute

In most states, confidentiality applies to all communication pertaining to a licensed professional's evaluation and treatment relationship with you.  Confidentiality is a legal protection and assurance of your right to privacy to the fullest extent allowable by Oregon State statutes.  Psychotherapy, counseling, assessment and associated services that are related to diagnosis, evaluation and treatment are confidential and protected in accordance with state law.  Informational interviews regarding for purposes of treatment, evaluation or counseling with others is not confidential. If you are the patient, this means that you have legal rights and effective steps you can take to keep your records and treatment relationship confidential.  You have legal rights if you are in treatment with a licensed mental health professional or professionals who are certified by the State of Oregon as a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) or Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA). 

The above information applies primarily to Oregon.   Please contact your particular State licensing board for more detailed information.