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Emoticons (symbols that are used on the internet to communicate emotion.)

:) Smiley face
:-) Smiley face w/ a nose
:( Sad face
:-( Sad face w/ a nose
:D Person laughing
:-| Not laughing or bored
;-) Winking
:-! Foot in mouth
:-& Tongue tied
:-P Sticking out tongue
:-/ Confused or perplexed
:-# Said something that they shouldn't
:-> Just being sarcastic
<:-o Unbelievable or incredible
{:-) Wears a toupee
:'-) Tears of joy
:'-( Crying, sad
:-} Embarrassed
B-) Wears glasses
[:-) Crew cut
:-* Kiss
=^..^= Kitten
{{{:-[ Klingon
o:-) Angel
(:)-) Diver
:-)8 Has a bowtie on
8:-) Bow in your hair
d:-) Wearing a baseball cap
:-Q Confused
:-O Surprised
:*) Clowning around
8-O Wow, bug-eyed
^5 High five
(::()::) Band aid - offering help
:-< Very sad
:-C Very, very sad
>:-< Angry
:-@ Yelling
:-I Thinking
:-X Lips are sealed
:-( ) Can't stop talking
:~\ Mixed up, confused
<:-I A dunce
|-O Yawning

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